Wood Sculpture Artist : “Alekri. Artist.”

Address: Chelmou 32, 14565 Agios, Stefanos, Attika, Greece

Moto: "The man who works with his hands is a worker, with
hands and mind, a craftsman, with hands, mind and heart, an
artist." (François Mauriac)


Personal Information

First name: Petrit Last name: Tasso
Date of birth: 04/10/1967
Nationality: Albanian
Marital status: Married
Resident: Chelmou no.32, 14565 Agios Stefanos Attica - Athens – Greece
Languages: Albanian (excellent), Greek & Italian (very good), English
(beginner level)
Driving licence: B class



I am Petrit self-taught painter and woodcarver, I was born in 1967 in Albania, in
my country the concepts of freedom, expression, opinion were "imprisoned"
and forbidden, until 1989.

From my school years I remember myself, painting and sculpting pieces of
wood giving them whatever shape I wanted, through my art and creations, I
expressed myself freely, it was my refuge.....

Art is not a livelihood, it is expression, it is love, it is freedom, it is passion,
feelings that come from the soul, it does not fit stereotypes and advice...

I will be allowed to use the words of the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm
Friedrich Hegel 1770 –1831
" A truly talented artist is able to marry the artistically beautiful with the freedom of
expression and production, to escape from the shackles of the rule, the normative and the
regulated to the free energy of the imagination, to its most creative power and to it floods
us with peace, relief and revitalization”

"A decisive role is played by the value, the ability of the artist as an individual creator,
whose freedom cannot go hand in hand with his confinement within ideological doctrines
or morphological considerations or even entrenchments such as those of realism and

Today guided by my heart, inspiration, imagination, passion for life, for
freedom, I leave my soul in my creations, I dedicate my time to my works of
art, I talk and share my thoughts with them, as if my kids....

Professional experience



In August 2021, a fire broke out and burned thousands of acres of pine forest in
Attica next to us, as well as one of the vital lungs, the forest of Parnitha.
Through the ashes and the burnt trunks of the trees that I saw in my passage,
having actively participated in extinguishing the fire (as before in their place
there were haughtily beautiful trees of all kinds) the need of rebirth literally
from the ashes awoke in me.. .
December 2021 I started filling our house with burnt logs.....
I started to sculpt the trunks and with my imagination I started to give them

Today I am at the completion of my "give breath" project. ready for the first
personal exhibition




I collaborated with the Painter "Tasso", creating copies of his paintings, during
our collaboration, we undertook and created the performances that "framed" the
private wedding of Naomi Campbell with an Egyptian Sheikh in a villa in Santorini


1990 – 1992


Painting and creation of professional signs, shop signs
Petrit Mamo Tasho, DPPI202212161739487435918 Albanian Chamber of Fine


Skills & Expertise

  • Creative imagination, esthetics, patience, persistence, observation and accuracy,
    attention and particular methodicality
  • Computational ability, excellent perception of spatial dimensions and balance of
  • Ability to combine materials, colors, shapes, ability to control the texture of
    surfaces and skill in using the special tools I use to polish my wood carvings
  • Voluntary & social action
  • Voluntary action in emergency cases of weather phenomena and fire, fire
    fighting, extrication of affected people, social aid of clothing and feeding to
    financially weak groups. ("Volunteers of Attica")

Hobbies and interests

I am an art collector, since 1997 I have a special love for "Renaissance art" I
have a private collection paintings of art, dating between the 16th - 19th
century, which I acquired from my visits to various "art markets" in C




"The man who works with his hands is a worker, with hands and mind, a craftsman, with hands, mind and heart, an artist.

(François Mauriac)